Pyro Buster Pro Reviews - Buyer Beware! Honest Customer Fire Prevention Warning to Know!

Pyro Buster Pro is a fire blanket users can place over flames to neutralize them. It is easy to use, affordable, and a must-have for any emergency preparedness kit.

What is the Pyro Buster Pro?

One of the most urgent and scary emergencies that could happen in a home is a fire. A night cooking at home could go wrong, or a spark from a fireplace could leave embers on a rug. These disasters can mostly be prevented, but there are always ways that consumers leave themselves at risk for dangerous problems.

A fire needs to be controlled the entire time it burns. However, when a grease fire breaks out or someone catches their sleeve in a fire, having emergency supplies can make the difference between a minor mishap and a massive emergency. A fire extinguisher is necessary for every home, but other products like the Pyro Buster Pro can help during a dangerous fire without leaving a mess behind.

Pyro Buster Pro offers a new, effective way to combat and exhaust a fire. The blanket is easy to use, only needing to be pulled from its pouch to be ready to put out these dangerous flames. It isn’t difficult to use and doesn’t harm consumers, even though they have a hazardous situation. Instead, consumers fall back on the knowledge that this particular fire retarding blanket can protect them effectively.

Consumers shouldn’t mistake a fire blanket for the cure-all solution for fire safety when making this purchase. Large fires need a fire extinguisher or even a call to the fire department to be handled, and consumers should not try to put them out with a fire blanket. However, when the fire starts while making dinner, grilling, or accidentally knocking over a candle, this fire blanket can help.

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How Does the Pyro Buster Pro Blanket Work?

The Pyro Buster Pro is a helpful solution because it focuses on using fire-resistant materials. While the creators are not as specific about the materials used in the blanket, they include materials known for being resistant or retardant to fires, like fiberglass and wool that are said to be fireman-approved.

The key to its success is that the smothering creates oxygen deprivation. Fire burns because oxygen helps it spread easily. On its own, oxygen isn’t flammable. However, anything that adds oxygen and allows the fire to use it can experience a rapid spread of flames. By smothering flames with the blanket, the fire is robbed of the oxygen it needs to thrive. Users should leave the blanket over the fire until it is no longer burning or hot to touch before lifting it.

The reason that so many people find the Pyro Buster Pro to be effective is because of how beneficial it is. It can put out fires that break out in the user’s kitchen just as easily as they smother other fires. Using strong and effective materials against flames, consumers won’t worry that flames sneak out from under them.

Buying the Pyro Buster Pro

The only way consumers can be sure that they purchase the Pyro Buster Pro is by visiting the official website. While the price of just one Pyro Buster Pro is usually $59.98, to keep it affordable for all consumers, it is now a shocking 70% off for orders:

Choose from:

  • 1 Pyro Buster Pro blanket for $29.99
  • 2 Pyro Buster Pro blankets for $53.98
  • 3 Pyro Buster Pro blankets for $71.98
  • 4 Pyro Buster Pro blankets for $83.97
  • 5 Pyro Buster Pro blankets for $89.97

All orders have a money-back guarantee, ensuring that consumers can be fully satisfied with their experience. Over 12,000 customers have added these blankets to their emergency gear, and they are available to protect consumers everywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Pyro Buster Pro

Q. What does the Pyro Buster Pro do?

A. Consumers can use this fire blanket to smother a small fire on the grill while camping and for auto fires, grease fires and more.

Q. How does the Pyro Buster Pro work?

A. Using materials that naturally contain and extinguish a fire, users must cover any fire with the material. The material is enough to deprive the fire of oxygen, putting it out.

Q. How do consumers deploy the Pyro Buster Pro blanket?

A. Users start by pulling the fire blanket from the pouch by pulling on the black straps at the bottom of the pouch. While holding it from the corners, put it on top of the fire to suffocate the fire, leaving the blanket until the fire is out.

Q. What types of fires can consumers put out with the Pyro Buster Pro?

A. When consumers smother the fire, they can put out fires that involve cooking oil, electricity, flammable liquids, and clothing.

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Q. How many blankets can users purchase at once?

A. The website offers up to 5 fire blankets per order.

Q. Where should users keep their Pyro Buster Pro stored?

A. When not in use, consumers should keep their PyroBuster Pro in a place that can easily be reached in a dangerous fire situation. Some people store it near fire hazards, like in their kitchen or a workshop, which could be the most useful.

Q. How frequently will users need to replace their Pyro Buster Pro blanket?

A. For consumers who don’t use the blanket, it should never need to be replaced. However, consumers should always buy a new one if the blanket has holes or other obvious damage.

Q. Is it possible to use the Pyro Buster Pro again?

A. Actually, yes. With this blanket, consumers can continue to put out fires while it maintains good condition. While it may become damaged over time, consumers can keep using it if the blanket is undamaged.

Q. Can consumers use the Pyro Buster Pro for fires in commercial and industrial settings?

A. Yes. Regardless of the type of fire, this fire blanket can put out any fire that it can completely cover.

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Q. How long does it take for the Pyro Buster Pro to arrive?

A. The fire blanket, created and delivered within the United States, should arrive 5-7 days after the purchase.

Q. What’s the money-back guarantee?

A. Consumers can request a refund with Pyro Buster Pro up to 30 days after receiving the fire blanket if it doesn’t suit their needs.

The customer service team can be reached at 1-855-688-0540. They can also submit an electronic inquiry by filling out the form at:

  • https://offer.buypyrobusterpro.com/offer/1/contact.php
  • Call Pyro Buster Pro: +1 (855) 688 0540


The Pyro Buster Pro fire blanket helps consumers who want to completely change how they protect themselves during a dangerous fire event. This blanket only uses fire-resistant or fire-retardant materials to construct the blanket, ensuring that users can get the best protection possible during such a fire.

Consumers should always be ready for a fire emergency in their home or away from it, and the company’s design of the fire blanket makes it possible to use on multiple types of small fires without the mess and cleanup from using a standard fire extinguisher.

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