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Envision a day at the beach under the blazing sun, with the rhythmic sound of waves and the warmth of the sand beneath your feet. A cold beverage or snack would elevate your experience in this perfect setting. However, the reality of achieving this, especially with a distant convenience store and a cooler that can hardly keep up with the heat, often feels far-fetched. This is where the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge comes into play, revolutionizing how we enjoy our outdoor moments. Tailor-made for beach enthusiasts, campers, and outdoor lovers, this innovative device ensures your refreshments stay chilled, making your dream of the perfect beach day all possible.

How Does the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge Work?

The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge harnesses the sun’s power to keep your food and drinks cool or frozen without ice or electricity. It incorporates advanced solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity, powering a highly efficient refrigeration system. This technology ensures that the fridge’s contents are kept at the desired temperature reliably and efficiently.

The Solar Go-Fridge’s ability to function under various weather conditions sets it apart. Even on cloudy days, its battery backup system ensures that it continues to operate, making it a reliable companion for any outdoor adventure.

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Features of the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge

The Solar Go-Fridge boasts a series of features that make it stand out. Its portability is a significant advantage; lightweight and equipped with sturdy handles, it is designed to go wherever you go. Its durability is another key aspect, and it is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, from sandy beaches to rocky camping sites.

The fridge’s interior is spacious, holding a generous amount of food and drinks. It also features adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to switch between refrigeration and freezing, depending on your needs. This versatility is complemented by its eco-friendliness, as it operates solely on solar power, leaving no carbon footprint.

How Does the Fridge Work?

At its core, the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge utilizes solar photovoltaic technology. The solar panel converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity stored in its built-in battery. This energy cools the fridge’s interior through a compact yet efficient refrigeration system. The technical sophistication of this system lies in its ability to maintain consistent cooling, a challenge that the Solar Go-Fridge overcomes with ease.

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What Do You Get With Your Purchase?

Upon purchasing the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge, you will receive a solar-powered fridge and its integral solar panel. Also included are a DC power cord for charging the battery and an AC adapter, allowing you to pre-charge the refrigerator before setting it out. The package has a user manual that guides you through the setup and operation, ensuring a smooth and straightforward user experience.

4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge Pricing

The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge is a premium product, reflecting its advanced technology and value. While the price point is higher than traditional coolers, the investment is justified by its capabilities, durability, and convenience for outdoor activities. For the most current pricing and promotions, it is recommended that you visit the official 4Patriots website.

The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge and eleven additional bonuses are available for a singular payment of $897. Alternatively, there’s an option for a payment plan that spreads the cost across five monthly installments of $199 each.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing options available for the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge when you order it online today:

For a one-time payment, the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge and 11 free bonuses are available for $897.

If you prefer an installment plan, you can acquire the same package with five monthly payments of $199 each.

About 4Patriots

4Patriots is a Nashville, Tennessee-based company known for its freeze-dried emergency food, prepping supplies, and other products. You can contact the 4Patriots customer service team on Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm (CT) or on Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm (CT) via the following:

  • Email: help@4patriots.com
  • Online Form: https://4patriots.com/pages/contact-us
  • Telephone: 1-800-304-4202
  • Mailing Address: 2920 Berry Hill Dr., Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37204

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Bonuses Included with Purchase

Solar Panel

A 40-watt solar panel is included at no extra cost, enabling you to power the fridge using sunlight, enhancing the product’s portability and eco-friendliness.

Survival Food Kit

A 72-hour survival food kit that provides 20 servings of long-lasting, nutritious food, ensuring you’re well-fed in any situation.

Survival Coffee: Enjoy 30 servings of Freedom Joe Survival Coffee, which boasts a 25-year shelf life and is made from premium, non-GMO Arabica beans.

Survival Cocoa: This package contains 14 servings of Bugle Boy Survival Cocoa, a freeze-dried hot chocolate mix perfect for warming up during emergencies.

Camp Stove: The StarFire Camp Stove allows for low-smoke cooking and the ability to heat food or boil water in outdoor settings.

Arc Lighter: The Freedom Flame is an arc lighter with pulse arc technology for a windproof, flameless light that is hotter than a traditional flame.

Multi-Use Flashlight: The HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight is a versatile tool with a flashlight, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, and more.

Solar Power Report: This digital report, “Getting Started with Solar Power,” offers tips and tricks for harnessing solar energy effectively.

Discount Certificate: A $25 off certificate for your next purchase of $100 or more from the 4Patriots store.

Free Shipping: Complimentary shipping for your order, adding extra value to your purchase.

Lifetime Tech Support: Access to 4Patriots’ US-based customer service team for any technical support or queries you might have.

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With a straightforward payment option of $897 for a one-time purchase or the flexibility of five monthly payments of $199, the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge and its suite of bonuses offer a comprehensive package for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experiences while staying prepared for any scenario.


The 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge significantly advances outdoor gear, offering convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Whether planning a day at the beach, a camping trip, or any outdoor adventure, you can enjoy cold refreshments and perishable snacks without the hassle of ice or the constraint of being near an electrical source. Its robust design and freedom make it essential for anyone who loves the outdoors.

In an age where eco-consciousness and outdoor adventures go hand in hand, the Solar Go-Fridge stands out as a testament to innovation, designed to enhance your outdoor experience while respecting the environment. Its introduction into the market is a step toward a future where technology and nature coexist harmoniously, providing practical solutions that cater to our adventurous spirit.

For more detailed information about the product and to make an informed purchase, you’re encouraged to explore the Solar Go-Fridge page on the 4Patriots website. Furthermore, for those interested in integrating more solar-powered solutions into their lives, exploring other 4Patriots products can provide insight into how modern technology paves the way for sustainable outdoor living and preparedness solutions.

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