Swim time changes hurt working families | Letter to the Editor

My name is Shannon Richards, I have lived in Renton for many years. I have a 12-year-old son with Down Syndrome, and I work Monday-Friday. The reason I started this letter like that is because it is all very relevant in my strong concerns with the changes made this year at Henry Moses pool.

We have been going to HMAC for at least the last six years — it is an amazing opportunity for my son and I. We call it our own little summer camp. He feels very comfortable there, getting to know the staff and the other families.

With all that being said that might have to come to a stop this year for us, as well as many other working families. By changing the sessions will affect many working families. Most get off work in between 4:30-5. By the time they get their kids picked up and get into the pool it is around 5:30. That leaves only 30 minutes of pool time. Where as before when the session ended at 7:30 that gave those parents a good 2 and a half hours of swim time.

These hours will effect changes in more then just my family.

It appears you are gearing this amazing “water park” to stay at home moms.

This is a water park for all families but these changes in session times will change that.

PLEASE take this into consideration before this season starts.

Thank you,

Shannon Richards