Responsible pet ownership in Renton

In Renton we are blessed with our own Animal Control. Stray pets found in Renton are placed under Renton Animal Control and boarded for the holding period at Eastside Veterinary Associates at 44th Street, exit 7 on Interstate 405. We license our pets through the city of Renton.

In addition, we microchip cats and dogs for free at Eastside Veterinary, while funds last, for Renton residents only. No appointment is necessary, first come first serve, Monday through Friday.

Many caring citizens are taking their time to check stray pets for a license, collar tag with phone number — to sadly find no tags. Often they take these pets to a vet for scanning and find no microchip.

Finders then post pictures on Nextdoor and other sites, and in many cases surrender these pets to our Renton Animal Control, where they are treated in a humane manner.

Cat owners often say my cat is an indoor cat so no need to license or chip and then the cat gets out and cannot be rehomed. Pet owners, we can do better!

Please license, collar tag and microchip your pets.

Marlene Winter