Punish red-light runners, now | Letter to the Editor

Editor’s Note: The following letter is in response to the June 8 article titled “Police extend red-light camera grace period.”

So with cameras installed and a grace period in place, the rate of red-light running increases “at an abnormally high rate” and the police department extended the grace period longer! What kind of reasoning is that?

I suppose during the extended grace period if the rate increases even more, another grace period will be announced. What happens during the grace period if someone is seriously injured; or, at worst, killed? Could it be the rate has increased because careless drivers think, “Oh well, there’s no ticket now so I’ll just go for it.”

When drivers break the law, they should be punished, right now, not sometime in the future. That goes for speeders, too. We have laws, let’s enforce them!

Jim Diffendorfer