Please consider keeping eight period schedule

Mr. Ron Thiele and ISD school board,

I highly encourage all of you to review all the comments shared by very concerned students and parents regarding the eight period schedule at Liberty High School.

Our community overwhelmingly wants to keep the option/culture and learning style of an eight period schedule in our schools. In this school, you’ve created programs and options that have benefited a wide variety of students, not just the highly academic, but MANY students allowing for depth and breadth of offerings (like the phenomenal ROTC and arts programs to name a few).

Please do not take this much appreciated and valued option off the table for Liberty students. Their options for dynamic education are important NOW more than ever.

Please keep our community enriched with choices that have served thousands of students with an amazing education and wanting families to keep coming back for more.

Stephanie Browne


Proud mom of:

• Kenadi (LHS graduate 2017)

• Madison (LHS soon to be graduate 2020)

• Andrew (currently at Maywood)

• Cameron (will be at Maywood in 5 years)