Letters to the Editor: One person doesn't speak for all Renton residents

For the week of Jan. 20.

These Letters to the Editor are published in the Jan. 19 edition of the Renton News.

Inclusivity and kindness are important

I recently read the Letter to the Editor in the Jan. 5 edition of the Renton News, and I do not believe the statements are representative of the majority. It concerned me that the writer seems to think we would all agree with censorship. I’ve lived in Renton for 45 years, raising my children and now have grandchildren and great-grandchildren in this area. The Renton News has shared stories of all people, in all walks of life, which I enjoy. I really appreciated the story about the drag queen reading stories to children at the brewpub, and the fact that protesters didn’t stop that from happening. I want stories about everyone, including witches and wiccans.

Being inclusive and kind to others, no matter their beliefs, is very important to me. Keep up the good work!

Carol Oppen


One person doesn’t speak for all Renton residents

First of all, let me say that my wife and I both love the new print Renton News. I thoroughly enjoy learning more about what’s going on in the community, and the “hard” reporting is professional and informative. I read virtually everything in each issue, including the ads, which are also very informative. I have already seen a few restaurants I didn’t know that look fascinating. I also want to commend you for being willing to print a letter that is so negative about your hard work.

Now, I’m sure that Ms. Collins is a very nice person and I’m glad that she finds her personal beliefs reassuring. However, I must question whether she actually speaks for the majority of King County residents. Has she surveyed all 105,000 Rentonians (Rentonites?) with neutral questions to get their opinions? Or, more likely, is she extrapolating from her own opinions and those of people in her immediate circle and assuming that those are the opinions of everyone?She begins by implying that there is something unfriendly to families about content that shows lifestyles with which she disagrees. I contend that there is nothing unwholesome about those stories and pictures. I am not gay, Trans or a Wiccan, but I am rational and therefore will defend the right of every individual especially in America to pursue happiness where they can in a very hard world. Reading and books are good for kids (and adults) and I think it’s wonderful and sweet that people are giving their time to read to them. The picture of the child handing a cookie to the reader is heartwarming, and if Ms. Collins saw it without context, she would think that it was a child giving a cookie to a nice middle aged woman, and that wouldn’t bother her at all. How is that “not a positive influence for families”? What is wrong with it, other than that it upsets preconceived ideas that preclude recognizing people as just people.

The other article that bothered her was the one about Wiccans and other groups that celebrate the Winter Solstice. These religions were old before mine and Ms. Collins’ religions were even born. After she lists three things she conflates which we are told in the article are different from each other, she concludes by inventing that they “associate their practices with darkness” which is of course also totally refuted in the article.

Once again the only thing really wrong with these groups is that their beliefs are different than hers. For some reason, she implies that inclusiveness and diversity are not goals worth achieving.

I am proud of the diversity of Renton, racial diversity, sexual and gender diversity and spiritual diversity.All of these wonderful people are our neighbors and deserve our support, not our judgement. If these things make you uncomfortable, you should search in yourself for the problem, because that’s where it lies, not with good people trying to live their lives in the way that is best for them. Please continue to highlight all of our community, not just the part that wants to shut others out.

Howard Anshell


Critique turned kudos

Dear Renton News team,

How pleased we were with the fine work in this week’s Renton News! Polar Bear Plunge, a new school, Indigenous peoples’ protection and so much more.

Great balanced reporting, local interest and quality content that represents and engages all Renton readers. Well done. We noticed it and are grateful.

Jody and Bill Collins



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