Letters to the editor for the week of March 13

Reader worries about the county’s reach

Dear editor,

The article regarding King County’s acquisition of the EconoLodge in Kent (published online on March 6) raises concerns. I am surprised that the City of Kent has no say in this. Who will want to do business with any of the businesses that will be affected by people who are free to spread the coronavirus? For example, Carpenito Brothers. Local grocery chains now get their produce from them. Will there be a fear of the spread of disease from contaminated produce or the people who handle it?

When you think about all the possibilities, there’s really no way to avoid the coronavirus. Are we going to avoid living? When I was a kid, everybody I knew got the flu every year. That didn’t cause any real concerns. Now, like then, we’ll continue to get on with our lives and we’ll choose not to be terrorized by the fear of things we can’t avoid anyway. Many of us will choose to use common sense and trust in God. He’s in control anyway, whether or not we believe it.


John Chanik,