Letters: Disappointment in recent coverage, shocked over cartoon message

Letters to the editor

Shocked at cartoon’s message

My husband and I really look forward to getting our local newspaper, The Renton News, but we were shocked when we saw the cartoon in the Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023 opinion page. This cartoon appears to suggest that the cartoonist is in favor of more mass shootings and less gun control laws. The cartoon also seems to infer that Democrats make our community less safe by regulating firearms.

He is welcome to his opinion, but we find it disturbing that our local newspaper would run this cartoon thinking it appropriate for our community.

Paul and Dorothy Henry


Renton News needs to change course

I am writing to support the Letter to the Editor dated Jan. 5, 2023, from Jody Collins. Everything she said in her outstanding letter to you I support. Could not have said it any better than she did. I used to love getting the Renton News, but now every week there is a front page article (including the Jan. 5 issue) about subjects that are not supported by the majority who live here.

So glad I found a weekly newspaper, The Epoch Times, which has both sides of an issue and is truly newsworthy and interesting on all subjects. Please take me off your list to get this paper until you change course.

Jeanie Baurichter


Disappointed in recent coverage

I am a recent subscriber to the Renton News. I like supporting local businesses and thought subscribing to the local paper would give me information on High School sports teams and activities, businesses, Renton City Council actions, Police reports, Renton School Board actions etc... Information a normal local newspaper should provide its subscriber base.

I have been disappointed in what you feel is news worthy and should receive front paper exposure or in my opinion no coverage at all.

For the last two weeks you have covered a Drag Queen story hour at a local bar for children to have their parents bring them to.

Over Christmas you covered a wiccan’s celebration of Winter Solstice. Witches, covens. Groups who represent Satanic dark things that do not build up and make for a strong community with God’s blessings. There is so much more positive things to cover about Christmas than what you chose.

If you do not make a course correction, I can no longer be a subscriber.

Dave Fackler