Invest in our future

I am writing to you to express my support for both the Building for Excellence School Bond (Proposition 1) and the Education and Operations Replacement Levy (Proposition 2) on our Feb. 12th ballot.

As a resident in the Renton School District, a parent of three elementary school age children, and an active volunteer in our community, I can think of no better way to invest in the future of our city than to support both of these measures.

Proposition 1 provides funding for the creation of a new elementary school in our fastest growing area in the city — the Renton Highlands — while providing much needed building upgrades and maintenance projects to be completed at almost every school in the Renton School District.

Proposition 2 replaces a levy that was already set to expire and the passing of it will allow for the continuation of much needed resources, such as school nurses, school counseling, and on-site safety officers, as well as allowing for fine arts and music programs to continue to thrive.

As a community, we talk about how we look forward to the continued growth and flourishment of our city. We applaud new businesses who invest in our economic growth. We embrace the new developments while cherishing our landmarks. Why wouldn’t we also want to talk about the importance of investing in the educational and emotional growth of our youngest citizens? Why shouldn’t we also be mindful of how important it is that we invest in the health of school infrastructure?

Our students are counting on us to help shape their future. Vote yes on Propositions 1 and 2, and show them that we care.

Thank you.

Christina Park


President Maplewood Heights Elementary PTA

Board Member, Renton Schools Foundation