Get out the vote for Renton Schools

We just had a very important mid-term election in November, but now it’s time to get out to vote again. Some might be asking — Why? What’s this ballot about? Why should I bother?

Besides voting being an important responsibility in general, this election will directly impact the future of our local community. If we value a community filled with critical thinkers, caring individuals, an educated workforce and individuals who want to participate in our community to make it a better place then we all need to invest in education and we do this through supporting education bonds and levies.

A great community starts with great schools with appropriate and safe infrastructure as well as educational programming that helps students thrive. This election is about both.

By approving the bond, you are ensuring that our schools receive much needed heating and cooling system replacements, safety upgrades and improvements in ballfields, playgrounds, tracks and pools that are used not only by students but by neighborhood residents as well. The bond will pay for construction of an additional elementary school in the northeast of our city where schools serving our youngest students are overcapacity.

By voting yes on the levy, you will ensure there are nurses at each school, security personnel, thriving music and performing arts programs, opportunities in athletics and qualified staff who are trained in trauma-informed instruction, advanced studies and technical education to meet the individual needs of all students for post-graduation participation in our community. The levy will provide instructors and support staff with the tools they need to provide a great education.

By supporting both of these measures, you will show that you value our community. And due to timing and economic success of the region, voting yes will see your tax rates actually decline.

As a private citizen volunteer, I participated in the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee for the Renton School District, providing input on bond funding. I am also a volunteer at Lindbergh High School and have the privilege of working alongside committed staff.

I ask you to join me in supporting both measures and invest in the future of Renton.

You can put your ballot in the mail (no stamp needed!) or drop it off at a ballot drop at one of several official ballot drop boxes.

Mary Duncan