Chamber endorses school district's ballot measures

The Renton Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Renton School District’s School Construction Bond and Education & Operations Replacement Levy measures on the Feb. 12 ballot.

Renton School District is funded through state, federal and local funding; however, there is a gap between what the state funds and what our students and schools need.

Funding from Feb. 12 voter-approved bonds and levies stays in Renton School District for our students and schools. This is not a new tax, it replaces a measure that expires in December 2019.

The value to our business community with high achieving public schools is unmeasurable and Renton School District delivers on their promise for excellence in education.

Here’s the good news because of improved assessed property values and the number of additional businesses and families that have moved into the district, tax rates for Renton School District taxpayers has decreased over the past few years. Yes, you read that right. Even with the approval of both measures, district tax rates for individuals will continue to decrease. That’s a savings up to $500 per year for most property owners; and much more for others depending on your assessed property value.

Citizens who live within the Renton School District boundaries have always shown impressive support and voted yes for bonds and levies realizing the value on investment. Investing in the dreams and aspirations of our youth is one of the most important investments this community can make.

We all have an opportunity Feb. 12 to vote for Measures 1 and 2 and make good on a core community value. That value says that education is worth investing in, because the return on that investment always — always — exceeds the principal.

Join us in voting YES for both measures for Renton Schools on the Feb. 12 ballot; and mail your ballot early (no stamp needed)!

James Alberson

Chairman of the Board Renton Chamber of Commerce

Vicky Baxter

Renton Chamber of

Commerce CEO